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WWE star Big Daddy V dies of a heart attack

WWE star Viscera dies
WWE star Viscera dies

Former WWE superstar Big Daddy V died of a heart attack at the age of 43. According to PWS on Feb. 18, it was Tommy Dreamer who first alerted people to the former WWE star's passing.

Dreamer, a former WWE and ECW star, went to Twitter to send his condolences and share his shock at the sudden death of Big Daddy V. He said that his friend had just celebrated his 43rd birthday. Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas soon followed onto Twitter with his condolences as well.

Big Daddy V was wrestling in the WWE up until 2008 but the WWE let him go largely because of health concerns surrounding his excessive weight.

Big Daddy V first rose to popularity in the mid-90s as Mabel where he was one half of a tag team known as Men on a Mission. The team was faces whose gimmick was that they were African Americans trying to clean up their neighborhoods. They became villains over time and then Mabel became a singles wrestler under the name King Mabel after winning the 1995 King of the Ring tournament.

Mabel briefly feuded with The Undertaker and was released in 1996. He wrestled on the indie scene for the next two years, including a stop in ECW, before he returned to the WWE in 1998. He rekindled his feud with The Undertaker, who soon kidnapped him and then brainwashed him into being his minion known as Viscera.

After that storyline ended, he continued working with the WWE until they once again released him in 2000. He moved on to TNA for two appearances and went back to the indies, but soon returned to the WWE in 2004. Viscera really never found his footing until he transformed into Big Daddy V, whose nickname was "The World's Largest Love Machine."

He finished his last stint in the WWE in 2008 on the ECW brand. Big Daddy V went back to the indies where he wrestled until his death.

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