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WWE spoilers: Bray Wyatt to earn first shot at world championship

Bray Wyatt, WWE
Bray Wyatt, WWE
Photo from WWE Twitter

After Tuesday night’s “WWE Smackdown” television taping, the next member of the ladder match at “WWE Money in the Bank” to determine the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been named. The card saw a match pitting Bray Wyatt of The Wyatt Family against Dean Ambrose of The Shield, with the winner getting into the match. After Seth Rollins interfered in the match, Wyatt beat Ambrose and will get his first shot at the WWE World Championship.

This is a huge moment for Wyatt and continues the amazing career revival for the second generation star. Originally, Wyatt came into the WWE as a part of the original Nexus. He was known then as Husky Harris, and was an overweight, semi-athletic wrestler who really had no persona or character to speak of. He is also the son of WWE Hall of Fame superstar “IRS” Mike Rotunda.

When Nexus was destroyed, Wade Barrett left the group as a star while David Otunga, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater stayed on as mid card jobbers. Daniel Bryan was part in the beginning but was fired after their initial invasion. Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty and Skip Sheffield were sent back to developmental and repackaged. McGillicutty returned as Curtis Axel, Sheffield as Ryback and Harris as Bray Wyatt.

Since coming back to the WWE, Wyatt went from being a boring, one-dimensional wrestler to one of the best characters the WWE has created in years. He is possibly the most unique wrestler since the WWE created Mankind, Kane and The Undertaker two decades ago. He had solid feuds with Daniel Bryan and John Cena, and while he lost both feuds, it is to his credit that he remains hugely over – proving that he is something special.

Now, thanks to this week’s big “WWE Smackdown” win, Bray Wyatt will wrestle in the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Likely, John Cena will also get into the match as well and there is little chance that Wyatt wins the title. However, it is amazing to see the transformation from Husky Harris into Bray Wyatt, and this is a just reward.