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'WWE Smackdown' spoilers: Daniel Bryan faces Batista again

WWE Smackdown spoilers 03.07.14
WWE Smackdown spoilers 03.07.14

The WWE taped their weekly "WWE Smackdown" television show on March 4 and the main event saw Daniel Bryan and Batista in the same ring once again. Here are the "WWE Smackdown" spoilers and results for this week's television show.

The show opened with Batista coming to the ring to cut a promo. This follows the "WWE Monday Night Raw" match where Daniel Bryan dominated Batista in a match until The Authority came down for the distraction. Bryan soon came to the ring for the interruption. Kane runs out and attacks Bryan, which brings Big Show out for the save.

Strangely, it looks like the WWE is bringing Big Show back into the feud with The Authority almost four months after removing him from it.

Christian wrestled Dolph Ziggler in the next match and won when Alberto Del Rio distracted Ziggler, It looks like Del Rio vs. Ziggler might be in the works for "Wrestlemania 30."

The new world tag team champion Usos beat Curtis Axel and Ryback in the next match. After that Eva Marie and Natalya beat AJ Lee and Tamina when Natalya made AJ tap out.

The Shield came out and cut a promo. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins started to fight but they soon made up and got on the same page again.

In the next match, Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio. Big E fought Jack Swagger as they continue to use the Intercontinental champion as a way to break up the Real Americans. Don't be surprised to see a three way for the Intercontinental title at "Wrestlemania 30" between Big E, Cesaro and Jack Swagger.

Daniel Bryan and Big Show came out and said they have a new tag team name - Respect the Beard, Fear the Giant" - which is a mouth full. They beat Batista and Kane when Big Show knocked out Kane with the KO Punch.

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