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'WWE Smackdown' spoilers: CM Punk faces off with Kane

WWE Smackdown spoilers: 01.17.14
WWE Smackdown spoilers: 01.17.14

The WWE taped their weekly "WWE Smackdown" television show on Jan. 14 and the main angle progressed as CM Punk's battles with The Authority. Here are the "WWE Smackdown" spoilers for this week's big show.

Before the cameras started rolling, there was one dark match that saw NXT star Alexander Rusev beat Tyson Kidd with the Accolade Camel Clutch. These dark matches might be some of the special pre-show bonuses that the WWE Network will provide when it starts next month.

The show opened with the New Age Outlaws coming out for the opening match against the world tag team champions, Goldust and Cody Rhodes. After Vickie Guerrero came out during the match and distracted the champs, Billy Gunn pinned Cody Rhodes, while holding his tights, for the win.

Paul Heyman came out next and ran down Big Show for knocking out a "war veteran" like Zeb Colter. He then said Brock Lesnar would beat Big Show at the "Royal Rumble." Big Show's music started and he came down, causing Heyman to run away. Big Show reminded everyone that he was a Paul Heyman guy before it was cool and he would beat Lesnar at the "Rumble."

Naomi beat Tamina Snuka in a Diva's match next.

The Wyatt Family came out next to address Daniel Bryan betraying them on "WWE Monday Night Raw." He told the story of his father casting him out and Sister Abigail taking him in. He then said that Bryan chose not to be with them, so now Wyatt will be the monster he was meant to be and seek revenge.

Big E Langston pinned Fandango in the next "WWE Smackdown" match.

The Real Americans came out next and Zeb Colter was in a wheelchair, selling the KO punch by Big Show. The Usos beat The Real Americans.

CM Punk came out at the end of "WWE Smackdown" and called out The Shield and The New Age Outlaws. He also ran down Triple H, which brought out all five men. Kane came down and called them off. Kane said that The Authority wanted CM Punk to win and headline "Wrestlemania 30" but when Punk said he didn't care what Kane wanted, he sicked the boys on Punk. It ended when Kane slid back in and choke slammed CM Punk to end the show.

"WWE Smackdown" airs on Friday nights at 8 p.m. EST on SyFy.

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