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‘WWE SmackDown’ spoilers: Big Show vs. Kane

‘WWE SmackDown’ spoilers: 03.14.14
‘WWE SmackDown’ spoilers: 03.14.14

The WWE taped their weekly “WWE SmackDown” television show on March 11 and the main event saw Director of Authority Kane take on the Big Show in a battle of the giants. Here is a look at the “WWE SmackDown” spoilers and results for this week’s show.

The show opened with Sheamus taking on Heath Slater, which seems like a bit of a letdown after his fantastic series of matches with Christian. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick.

Triple H cut a promo next. He said Daniel Bryan was not at the show tonight and he said that at “Wrestlemania 30,” he will stop the “Yes Movement.” Triple H then called out Damien Sandow. He got onto Sandow for not forcing his way through the mass amount of people that Bryan had with him at “Occupy Raw” on Monday night.

Sandow was booked to face Seth Rollins of The Shield. Rollins won the match and The Shield hit Sandow with the triple powerbomb after the match.

Big E squashed Fandango in the next match. This is interesting because this was booked as a big match on the first show of 2014 and now Fandango is just cannon fodder.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat The Real Americans next. Rhodes pinned Swagger but was beaten down by the Real Americans until The Usos made the save. The tag title match for “Wrestlemania 30” has still not been announced yet.

Bray Wyatt pinned Kofi Kingston in the next match. Nikki Bella continued her winning streak by beating Tamina. It looks like AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella might be what the WWE is looking at for “Wrestlemania 30.”

Dolph Ziggler upset Alberto Del Rio in the next match. Ziggler said after the match that he will be in the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal at “Wrestlemania 30.”

Kane ordered The Shield to accompany him to the ring to stand in his corner for his match with The Big Show. The end came when Big Show choke slammed Kane and pinned him. Kane was furious that The Shield did not help him and tried to choke slam Seth Rollins, only for Roman Reigns to spear Kane to end the show.

“WWE SmackDown” airs on Friday night at 8 p.m. EST.

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