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‘WWE Smackdown’ spoilers and results: Cesaro vs. Big Show

WWE Smackdown spoilers: 04.11.14
WWE Smackdown spoilers: 04.11.14
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

The WWE held their first “Smackdown” following “WrestleMania 30” on April 8 and Cesaro fought his second match with Paul Heyman as his manager as he took on the giant Big Show. Here is a look at the “WWE Smackdown” spoilers and results for this week’s show.

The show opened with John Cena coming out for a promo. The promo itself will likely be edited down since he actually pretended to be the Ultimate Warrior in the promo and this was recorded before Warrior’s death. The promo was interrupted when Bray Wyatt came on the big Titan Tron to say he was going to more extremes to bring out the monster in John Cena.

The opening match was Cesaro vs. The Big Show, a rematch of sorts from “WrestleMania 30,” where Cesaro picked up Big Show and bodyslammed him over the top rope to win the Andre the Giant battle royal. Cesaro is managed by Paul Heyman, something that happened on “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week. Cesaro won the match by disqualification when Jack Swagger interfered.

Rybaxel beat Los Matadores and Rob Van Dam beat Damien Sandow in the next two matches. Rob Van Dam cut a promo before his match for the crowd.

Hulk Hogan came out next and called Daniel Bryan down to the ring. They talked about Bryan marrying Brie Bella this week. They ended the promo with the two flexing to Hogan’s music and then Hogan started the “Yes” chants.

Bad New Barrett beat Kofi Kingston in the next match. After that Fandango came out with Layla instead of Summer Rae and he beat Santino in a short match. Emma was with Santino.

The Usos and Daniel Bryan fought Kane, Batista and Randy Orton in the main event. The match ended in a double countout. The bad guys then beat down the faces until The Shield came out to save them. Much like on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” The Shield circled Kane like they did Triple H, only for Bryan to hit the big knee to end the show on a high note.

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