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WWE sends Ultimate Warrior’s wife special help after death

WWE sends officials to help Ultimate Warrior widow
WWE sends officials to help Ultimate Warrior widow

When The Ultimate Warrior passed away suddenly, it sent shockwaves through the WWE. Much like they did when Eddie Guerrero died years back, the WWE stepped up to help the family. According to TMZ on Saturday, the WWE sent Ultimate Warrior’s wife two senior officials to help out.

The two officials will do anything they can to help Dana Warrior out during this time of mourning. According to TMZ, they will do her grocery shopping, help let family members know what is going on with the plans, and anything else they can to help. The purpose of this is to help Dana deal with her grief and spend the time with her daughters with no added burdens.

TMZ called the act “bizarre,” concerning two senior officials helping Warrior’s wife instead of doing their jobs, but that is just inaccurate. When Eddie Guerrero died, the WWE did the same for Vickie Guerrero. This is not unusual for the company who has often gone above and beyond the call of duty to help those suffering.

Former wrestler Lanny Poffo accused the WWE of ignoring his family when his brother “Macho Man” Randy Savage died, but that is not how they normally deal with these occurrences. With Ultimate Warrior, it was a different situation than it was with The Macho Man. When Savage died, he was still at odds with Vince McMahon. Warrior had not only made up, but appeared on “WWE Monday Night Raw” the night before his death.

Dana Warrior was at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony along with her two daughters to watch the Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame induction. Her tears were flowing as soon as Warrior started speaking at the ceremony. When Warrior made the comment that the most awesome thing in his world was being a father to his daughters, it showed how far he had come over the years. The fact that he died three days later, makes it even more tragic and the WWE should be commended for sending Dana Warrior help in her time of need.