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WWE rumors: Zack Ryder expecting the WWE to release him soon

WWE rumors: Zack Ryder expecting the WWE to release him soon
WWE rumors: Zack Ryder expecting the WWE to release him soon
Photo from Twitter

One of the biggest missed opportunities the WWE allowed to slip by was Zack Ryder. While he was never the biggest or best wrestler on the roster, he worked hard on his own to get over with the fans and at one time was one of the most popular stars on the roster. However, after years of the WWE refusing to acknowledge him, he has been speaking out recently and PWS reported on Tuesday that he expects the WWE to release him soon.

Ryder made a rare appearance on “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week where he lost to Rusev in a quick squash match. The word is that the embarrassing loss was done as punishment for Ryder speaking out one too many times about his position in the WWE. However, it also seems strange that the WWE would punish someone by putting them on television.

Regardless of this, there are some who say that Zack Ryder feels the WWE will release him sooner rather than later and that he is preparing for his life after the WWE. This is just a disappointing moment for Ryder, who was able to get himself over with the fans despite the WWE not trying to help him. He created his own Internet show that ended up more popular than anything the WWE had online at the time. Finally, the WWE recognized this, convinced him to give them the rights to his show and then buried him again.

In the last two months, Zack Ryder picked up a couple of surprising WWE upsets, although both were fluke wins based on his opponent’s nemesis interfering. Now, with the latest loss to Rusev, it appears that Ryder is pushed back to the jobber level again. After the loss, Zack Ryder sarcastically posted on Twitter that Rusev crushed him again and that he gets it. With that, it seems that even if the WWE doesn’t release him, Ryder has lost motivation.