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WWE rumors: Xavier Woods new stable still in the works

WWE rumors: Xavier Woods new stable still in the works
WWE rumors: Xavier Woods new stable still in the works
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A few weeks ago, it looked like the WWE was planning on introducing a new stable to the company. The formation happened when Xavier Woods came to the ring to talk to Kofi Kingston and Big E after the two lost a match, telling them it was time to take what they deserved. Then, after one other appearance, they have not appeared on television together since. According to PWS on Saturday, there is a chance that they are still planning to team up.

The stable itself looked like a solid unit but was met with fan disinterest and disappointment. The biggest complaint was that they were three African American wrestlers and were instantly compared to the Nation of Domination. That group included Ron Simmons, The Godfather, Mark Henry, The Rock and D-Lo Brown and was all about fighting against racial inequalities.

With the O.J. Simpson trial and Rodney King beating, it was great timing. There is little like that in the news right now, outside of the events in Ferguson. However, this group was forming before that happened, so at the time, there was nothing to compare it to. Even the men involved spoke out against the idea. Big E made a sarcastic comment on Twitter about racial based angles and Xavier Woods said that he wasn’t planning to be part of something based on race.

The idea, according to Woods’ tweets, was to make the idea of three or more men teaming up because they were held down and not given a chance, regardless of race. The team has been shelved for a few weeks now but Xavier Woods escorted Big E and Kofi Kingston to the ring at a house show on Friday night, making it look like they are still a work in progress. Whether they return to “WWE Monday Night Raw” is still unknown.