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WWE rumors: WWE upset over CM Punk situation leaking to press

WWE not happy CM Punk news leaked to press
WWE not happy CM Punk news leaked to press

The news broke that CM Punk walked out on the WWE the day after the incident occurred and spread quickly across mainstream news outlets as well as wrestling dirt sheets. According to on Feb. 2, WWE officials are not happy that the story leaked out and became such a big deal.

While some believe this is just a work for the WWE, those actually in the know realize that CM Punk legitimately walked out on the WWE because he was dissatisfied with a number of things in his career. The problems ranged from Batista being given the “Wrestlemania 30” main event to being pushed into a feud with Triple H to the worry about pay after the WWE Network starts to his desire to be a villain in the WWE being rejected.

Whatever the problems with the WWE were, the big thing that many people, such as Kevin Nash, have pointed out is that CM Punk had wrestled almost non-stop for the last 10 years and was both always injured and burnt out after such a long stretch on the road.

The report states that WWE officials wanted to keep the entire ordeal an internal issue as they hope to work things out with CM Punk and get him back in the company sooner rather than later. Triple H is said to be uninterested in welcoming CM Punk back but Vince McMahon has taken over the situation because he wants Punk back in the WWE soon.

Apparently, wrestlers have been told that the only “Wrestlemania 30” that is set in stone is the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt match and everything else is up in the air.