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WWE rumors: WWE refuses to bring back Rey Mysterio

WWE rumors: WWE refuses to bring back Rey Mysterio
WWE rumors: WWE refuses to bring back Rey Mysterio
Photo by Brad Barket

In some very interesting news, the WWE appears to be not only unwilling to let Rey Mysterio leave the company, but also refuses to bring him back to television as well. Mysterio’s contract recently ended and he wanted to leave. The WWE went back on their promise to let him go and forced a year extension onto him. Now, 411mania reported on Sunday that the WWE also doesn’t plan on bringing Mysterio back to television.

The reason that the WWE forced Rey Mysterio to take a one-year extension was because of his long stays on the injured list, and the WWE’s insistence that he owed them time. This move angered Mysterio because Triple H allegedly shook his hand and told him that he could leave the company. The, Vince McMahon extended the contract anyway. Mysterio has not cashed any paycheck the WWE has sent him since his original contract ended.

According to sources, The WWE doesn’t want Rey Mysterio to go to AAA or any of their other rival promotions, which is why they are willing to pay him over the length of the extension but not bring him back to television. It is said that there are many people angry at the video package that Mysterio sent to air during AAA “TripleMania,” which took place the same night as “SummerSlam.”

There are also rumors that the WWE has plans to develop former Olympic gold medal winner Henry Cejudo to become the eventual replacement for Rey Mysterio. This has brought about various reactions, the biggest being from Chavo Guerrero who said that there will never be another Rey Mysterio no matter what the WWE tries to do. The video package during the Rey Mysterio “TripleMania” appearance included the hashtag #FREEREY and rumor has it that he plans to head to AAA when he is finally free.