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WWE rumors: WWE interested in three top Japanese stars

Kota Ibushi possibly headed to WWE?
Kota Ibushi possibly headed to WWE?
Photo by The Doppelganger / Wikimedia Commons

The WWE is looking at a number of Japanese wrestling stars to sign. While the history of Japanese stars in the WWE has not been bright over the last decade, the stars they are looking at are all really big names that could bring instant star power to the WWE. According to PWS on Thursday, there are two names that might have already signed with the WWE and one other that is on their radar.

The biggest name on the list is KENTA. The rumors that the WWE were interested in KENTA have been strong for much of the year. A true legend in Japan, KENTA is also known to American wrestling fans thanks to his appearances in Ring of Honor Wrestling, where he feuded with names like Daniel Bryan, Davey Richards and Samoa Joe. Interestingly, KENTA is the originator of the GTS, which was CM Punk’s finishing move in the WWE.

KENTA received a WWE tryout back in January, but there were doubts he would get signed. However, in April, he announced that he was leaving Pro Wrestling NOAH, his home for the last 14 years. Word is that he had to finish his commitments to NOAH before the WWE announcement was made.

The second big name that the WWE might have already signed is Prince Devitt. While not a Japanese star, he has wrestled there almost exclusively for almost his entire career. Awkwardly, he started his career using the Pegasus Kid gimmick, which was Chris Benoit’s Japanese gimmick as well. PWInsider reported last week that Prince Devitt had signed with the WWE and was just waiting for his visa to go through.

The third name, which popped up today, is Kota Ibushi. The Japanese superstar is signed to two different companies in Japan, working with both DDT Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He has turned down contract offers in the past from both the WWE and All Japan, but word is that working for two companies is wearing him down. While a WWE contract offer has yet to be made, word is that they are considering luring him to America again.