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WWE rumors: WWE considering turning Nikki Bella heel

The WWE is considering a major heel turn for one of their biggest Divas. According to PWS on Thursday, the WWE creative team is considering turning Nikki Bella into a heel by having her turn on her sister Brie Bella. This would be the first time that the Bella Twins will be on opposite sides of the fence.

WWE rumors: WWE considering turning Nikki Bella heel
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images
WWE considering turning Nikki Bella heel
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

In the current storylines, Stephanie McMahon is wrecking havoc on Nikki Bella and her career to get revenge against Brie Bella. This all stems from when McMahon threatened to fire Brie Bella unless Daniel Bryan surrendered his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Brie Bella wouldn’t let Bryan make the decision, slapped McMahon and quit on the spot.

Since that time, McMahon has been booking Nikki Bella in handicap matches and saying that it is Brie Bella’s fault for abandoning her sister. On the most recent episode of “WWE Monday Night Raw,” Nikki Bella was booked in a four-on-one handicap match. Brie Bella was in the front row with a ticket purchased but McMahon came out and insulted her on the mic. When Brie Bella spoke back, McMahon slapped Brie Bella and had her thrown out.

Brie Bella returned with the police and Stephanie McMahon was arrested for battery, the result of slapping a paying customer at an event. This is all looking like it will lead to a match between Stephanie McMahon and either Nikki Bella or Brie Bella at “Summerslam.” The stipulation will be that, if Bella wins, Brie Bella gets her job back. The Nikki Bella heel turn would then happen after that, or later into “Night of Champions.”

While this flip flop might happen, a second turn might have been cancelled. At one time, Cesaro was supposed to become a face. The original idea was that he would feud with Brock Lesnar when Paul Heyman chose Lesnar over Cesaro. However, those plans were cancelled and Cesaro chose to break away from Heyman instead of the other way around. The word is that the Cesaro face turn was cancelled so the WWE could focus all their attention on Roman Reigns.

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