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WWE rumors: Will The Rock be involved with ‘Wrestlemania 31’

WWE rumors: Will The Rock be involved with ‘Wrestlemania 31’
WWE rumors: Will The Rock be involved with ‘Wrestlemania 31’
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International

There has been a lot of rumors that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would somehow be involved in “Wrestlemania 31” since it is taking place in California. There was also talk that he could headline the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame inductions. While the latter could still be true, 411mania reported on Thursday that he is not likely to have an angle or a wrestling match at “Wrestlemania 31.”

There is still a chance that he could be involved in the WWE Hall of Fame since that really only involves the ceremony, possibly some press conferences and an appearance at “Wrestlemania 31” and “WWE Monday Night Raw” to wave to the fans. While that involves very little entertainment, wrestling a high profile match would require a lot more preparation.

The reason that The Rock will probably not wrestle at “Wrestlemania 31” is because “Fast & Furious 7” opens just two weeks after the event. When a movie that big opens, the main stars are expected to hit the road and promote the movie. That is why Batista had to leave to promote “Guardians of the Galaxy” over a month before that movie hits theaters. “Fast & Furious 7” will need The Rock more than usual because of the death of Paul Walker remaining a huge moment.

When The Rock wrestled John Cena at back-to-back “Wrestlemania” events, he was not only working part time on regular television but was also working hard on the side, training with Curtis Axel to prepare for the match. The Rock would, in no way, have the proper time to put into a match that big with the promotion interrupting the training a month before the actual show.

While fans won’t get the match with The Rock at “Wrestlemania 31,” there is still a good chance he could be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Right now, the rumored inductees include Kevin Nash, Mickie James, Sting and possibly Vickie Guerrero.