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WWE rumors: Why AJ Lee missed ‘Raw’ and an update on her status

WWE: Why AJ Lee missed ‘Raw’ and an update on her status
WWE: Why AJ Lee missed ‘Raw’ and an update on her status
AJ Lee Twitter account

When AJ Lee dropped her WWE Divas title to NXT Diva Paige, some saw it as a sign. Lee was the longest reigning WWE Divas champion in the modern day. When she didn’t appear on a WWE show since losing, some thought she might be leaving the company. According to on Wednesday, AJ Lee has requested time off from the WWE.

The reason for the concern from AJ Lee fans was because she is engaged to marry CM Punk. As most WWE fans know, CM Punk walked out on the company after the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view in January. He was supposed to battle Triple H at “Wrestlemania 30” but allegedly didn’t feel that was a good spot for him because he wanted to wrestle in a “Wrestlemania” main event before he retired.

Instead of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan wrestled Triple H and ended up beating him to make it into the main event where he won the WWE World Championship. That could have been CM Punk’s spot. Since he left, Punk has made a few appearances under his real name of Phil Brooks, but has cut off almost all ties with the WWE outside of his fiancée AJ Lee.

It is ironic that CM Punk has the longest title rein of the modern era for men and his future wife held the same record for the Divas title. AJ Lee won the title from Kaitlyn on June 16, 2013 and held it for 295 days. Maryse, who ironically just married The Miz, was the former record holder with 216 days. Before the change to the Divas title, Trish Stratus was the modern day record holder at 448 days.

The WWE advertises The Fabulous Moolah as the longest reigning women’s champion at 10,170 days, which was 28 years. However, she lost the title four times during that rein, but the WWE doesn’t recognize the losses. Rockin’ Robin is the only person to hold the title longer than Trish Stratus outside of Moolah.

According to a leaked WWE script for “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week, AJ Lee was listed as “injured – TBD.” CM Punk, Christian and Alberto Del Rio were also listed the same. However, AJ Lee is not injured and asked for time off, which is why the WWE moved the title. Whether or not she returns to the WWE or remains out with CM Punk is still to be determined.

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