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WWE rumors: Vince McMahon unhappy with reaction to ending Undertaker streak

WWE Undertaker send off not well received
WWE Undertaker send off not well received
Photo by Randall Chancellor / Flickr Commons

WWE officials are said to be unhappy with the fan reaction after the Undertaker streak ended at “Wrestlemania 30.” The company knew there would be a sense of shock among the fans, but they expected more from the reaction to the Undertaker after the match. According to on Sunday, the WWE feels the reaction to the Undertaker leaving the ring should have been more appropriate.

The WWE even tried to get the crowd to start giving Undertaker more respect when the announcers even stood up and started clapping for Undertaker as he left the ring. There are thoughts that Undertaker is retiring and that was the last match that fans had a chance to see him in. The problem here is that the WWE gave no hints that this might be Undertaker’s final match and fans had no way of knowing.

The biggest problem coming out of the match was that it was a lackluster match. After five fantastic matches in a row at “Wrestlemania” events, this year never matched up to his battles with Shawn Michaels, Triple H or CM Punk. Part of it might have been the severe concussion Undertaker suffered early in the match. Sadly, there was even a lone voice that yelled “you suck” as Undertaker was trying to get back to his feet after the match.

Ending the Undertaker streak was always controversial. Most voices felt that a young superstar should have won the match to put them over. However, Brock Lesnar winning could work as well if they book him strong through his next year’s worth of appearances only for him to lose to an up-and-coming star at “Wrestlemania 31.” WWE rumors indicate Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro might be in the works.

As for The Undertaker send off, if he really does retire after his loss to Brock Lesnar, there still needs to be a better goodbye for him. Since he did not get the crowd reaction that anyone in the WWE hoped for as he made his way to the back, they will want to have one final appearance for him. A “Wrestlemania 30” send off could have been magical if done right, with enough warning heading in. As it is, a “WWE Monday Night Raw” goodbye might be all that is left.