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WWE rumors: Vince McMahon finally sees the value of Cesaro

WWE: Vince McMahon behind Cesaro push
WWE: Vince McMahon behind Cesaro push

One year ago, WWE chairman Vince McMahon made the statement that he didn't see Cesaro as a star and knocked him down the card into a mid-level tag team wrestler. However, reported on Feb. 18 that McMahon has changed his mind and now believes that Cesaro can be a main event star.

Cesaro has the look and size that McMahon likes in his wrestlers, so it was unclear why he was so leery about pushing the man. Part of the reason might be because of Cesaro's unique move set, which is more of a European style and less of the WWE style.

But, that is what makes Cesaro stand out. With his Big Swing, his big European uppercut and his finishing move of the Neutralizer, he has signature moves unique to him and it helps him stand out from the other talent.

With Cesaro in the upcoming "Elimination Chamber" main event, he has been given a chance to show what he can do over the past few weeks. He beat Kofi Kingston to get into the match and then last week on "WWE Smackdown," he beat WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton cleanly in the center of the ring in a great match.

However, it was his big match with John Cena on "WWE Monday Night Raw" that really turned Vince McMahon around. Cena won, but Cesaro looked fantastic in the match and actually countered out of both Cena's STF and his Attitude Adjustment in the match. He also dead lifted Cena twice.

According to sources, McMahon was very impressed and "thrilled" and feels that Cesaro can become one of the biggest stars in the WWE.

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