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WWE rumors: Undertaker streak ending only known by a handful

When the WWE chose to end the Undertaker streak at “WrestleMania 30” it took a number of fans by shock. There was even one fan who the WWE has featured based on how shocked he was at the Undertaker loss. According to on April 10, only four to six people knew the Undertaker streak was ending at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

WWE: Who knew about Undertaker streak ending?
Photo by Randall Chancellor / Flickr Commons

The only people who knew about the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar finish was Lesnar, Undertaker, Vince McMahon and Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman. Most people figure that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon knew the finish as well. However, none of the backstage agents knew the Undertaker was losing and the script for “WrestleMania 30” did not include a finish at all for the match.

In an interesting turn of events, not even referee Chad Patton knew Undertaker was losing. The WWE apparently told Patton that Undertaker was winning the match before he went out for the match itself. However, PWS reported that referees are informed that they are to finish the three count if the wrestler doesn’t kick out as planned. This meant that, despite being told the Undertaker streak could continue, Patton had to count the three count anyway when Undertaker didn’t raise his shoulders.

There was concern at first that the end was not the planned one, thanks to the severe concussion that Undertaker incurred in the match. That was a legit injury and Vince McMahon went to the hospital with Undertaker after the match, missing out on the main event as a result. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar also jumped in a car and followed the ambulance to the hospital to be with Undertaker after the match. Apparently, after Lesnar pinned Undertaker, he whispered “thank you” into Undertaker’s ear.

As far as who made the call for Undertaker to lose the match, also reported that Vince McMahon made the call to end the Undertaker streak at “WrestleMania 30.” However, there are conflicting reports about Undertaker. Some claim that McMahon had to convince the Undertaker but others say Undertaker just did what McMahon told him.

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