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WWE rumors: Triple H 'Wrestlemania 30' opponent still up in the air

WWE Triple H 'Wrestlemania 30' opponent undecided
WWE Triple H 'Wrestlemania 30' opponent undecided

Things in the WWE heading into "Wrestlemania 30" have been completely thrown out of whack thanks to CM Punk quitting the company. Between him leaving and the fans hijacking shows because they are unhappy with the current direction, the WWE is changing things on the fly. According to PWS on Feb. 8, Triple H will still wrestle at "Wrestlemania 30," but there are questions about who he will wrestle.

The original "Wrestlemania 30" plans were for Triple H to face CM Punk, Randy Orton to defend his WWE World Championship against Batista and Daniel Bryan to inexplicably face Sheamus.

However, with CM Punk quitting the company and the fans not giving up on Daniel Bryan and chanting his name during the Randy Orton vs. John Cena "Royal Rumble" match as well as during Batista winning the Royal Rumble, the WWE is re-thinking things.

One plan the WWE had was to have The Shield either break up or have Triple H punish them by making them fight each other in a three way match at "Wrestlemania 30." While thinking of a match where Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose battled is exciting, the Daniel Bryan chants may end that.

The WWE is considering adding Daniel Bryan to the WWE World Championship match, and if they do that they do not want two three way matches on the same show. That would eliminate the match with The Shield.

If that happens, there are talks of having Triple H battle Roman Reigns at "Wrestlemania 30," which could be huge because a win over Triple H could catapult Reigns to the main event. If the three way for the world title does not happen, the most likely match for Triple H will be against Daniel Bryan, which would give Bryan a chance for revenge after the last year.

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