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WWE rumors: Triple H wants to recognize the IWC fans in storylines

WWE rumors: Triple H wants to recognize the IWC fans in storylines
WWE rumors: Triple H wants to recognize the IWC fans in storylines
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The IWC stands for the Internet Wrestling Community, which is the people who read wrestling dirt sheets for news and rumors and enjoy the behind the scenes gossip as much as the televised product. Vince McMahon has always ignored the IWC, mostly because they are a very loud minority when voicing displeasure in the product. According to PWS on Tuesday, new WWE rumors indicate that Triple H wants to not only acknowledge the IWC but use them in storylines.

This would be a huge turnaround for the WWE. While the WWE has really embraced social networking on Twitter, Facebook, and many other networks to reach fans, they have ignored the dirt sheet writers and Internet complainers. Michael Cole has recently begun to insult the IWC with offhand comments on the air, but never really mentioned their complaints. There was also that moment where the announcers were overheard insulting the fan’s chants at a “WWE Monday Night Raw” event.

With the huge movement to push Daniel Bryan to the WWE world title starting in the IWC, it seems Triple H is interested in capitalizing on the phenomenon. According to the reports, Triple H wants to not only reference the IWC, but also make mention of IWC fans through creative and angles booked on television. While this makes it look like the IWC finally might be gaining some power, it might not be the case.

While some of the IWC complaints might gain the attention of writers and bookers thanks to this new philosophy, there is no reason to think that all IWS darlings will get pushed. As a matter of fact, a more realistic idea coming from this is that the IWC will be mocked even more by the Internet announcers, a dangerous move since a large part of the IWC are likely WWE Network subscribers and can voice their displeasure with their money. That also might be why Triple H wants to acknowledge them as well.