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WWE rumors: Triple H offered to rehire Alberto Del Rio

WWE rumors: Triple H offered to rehire Alberto Del Rio
WWE rumors: Triple H offered to rehire Alberto Del Rio
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The WWE rumors indicated that Albert Del Rio was extremely upset about the fact the WWE fired him after reacting to alleged racial insults from a WWE social media manager. However, while he was upset that the WWE fired him, he seemed ready to leave the company anyway. According to PWS on Thursday, Triple H told Alberto Del Rio the company would hire him back in six months if he kept his nose clean and Del Rio rejected the offer.

Del Rio had said for some time that he was considering leaving the WWE when his contract expired anyway. He had wanted to return to Mexico and the termination allowed him to head back to Mexico sooner than expected. He appeared on the AAA Internet pay-per-view event “TripleMania,” which took place the same night as the WWE “SummerSlam” pay-per-view, where he told the audience he met a monster called racism in the WWE.

This, more than anything, should ensure that Alberto Del Rio will never return to the WWE. There was even a groundswell of WWE talent who had taken Del Rio’s side in the situation. Huge names like John Cena, Randy Orton and The Big Show said they would push for his return because they agreed with Del Rio when it came to the situation with Cody Barbierri, the WWE employee who allegedly made the racist comments about Del Rio. However, Del Rio let them know that he didn’t want to return to the WWE.

Alberto Del Rio is now starting the next phase of his career as El Patron and plans to wrestling in AAA. There is still a chance for backlash from the WWE, who is unhappy that Del Rio made his “TripleMania” appearance and made unflattering comments about the WWE at the show. Rey Mysterio also taped a greeting to the fans and said he would see them soon, something that also angered the WWE.