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WWE rumors: Triple H offended at CM Punk walking out on the WWE

WWE: Triple H offended in CM Punk walking out
WWE: Triple H offended in CM Punk walking out

One of the big reasons that CM Punk walked out on the WWE after the Royal Rumble was because he was burned out and felt the only thing left for him to achieve was a main event match at Wrestlemania. According to PWS on March 23, Triple H is offended that CM Punk did not consider a match against him as a big enough deal to stay.

Triple H has a point.

When Vince McMahon was playing the authority role in the 90s, his matches with Stone Cold Steve Austin was bigger than even the WWE title matches of the time. With Triple H now playing the same role than McMahon once played, it might be assumed his matches against the biggest rebel in the WWE would also be a big deal.

According to the sources, both Triple H and other WWE management officials felt this was to be one of the biggest matches at "Wrestlemania 30."

It wasn't big enough for CM Punk. Last year, Punk wrestled The Undertaker, which is widely considered the second biggest match at Wrestlemania each year. The biggest match is for the WWE title, which last year saw The Rock get the shot and this year Batista is getting it.

Sources also say that CM Punk just "rolls his eyes" at the comments about wrestling Triple H being a big deal and claims it is "out of touch with reality."

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