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WWE rumors: TNA believes that Kurt Angle is planning to return to WWE

WWE: Kurt Angle might be heading back when his TNA contract expires
WWE: Kurt Angle might be heading back when his TNA contract expires

Kurt Angle was recently doing some major interviews to help promoter upcoming TNA Impact Wrestling events and spoke about the WWE during those interviews. According to on Feb. 6, there are people within TNA who believe that Angle is positioning himself to return to the WWE when his TNA contract expires this fall.

Angle has always said that he wanted to head back to the WWE one last time before he retires from professional wrestling, and with his recent injury problems, that retirement might be coming very soon.

TNA Impact Wrestling has already lost a number of their long-time veterans including Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan and AJ Styles. Styles has moved on to Ring of Honor, Jarrett looks to be starting a rival promotion with the backing of Toby Keith, Morgan has retired and both Sting and Hogan appear to be headed to the WWE.

If Kurt Angle leaves in the fall, he would almost definitely be welcomed back to the WWE, either as a wrestler or as a figurehead. Ironically, it would also mean that the only two members of the TNA Hall of Fame would be in the WWE this time next year.

Angle has had some behind-the-scenes problems in TNA Impact Wrestling, where he lost his temper at a lack of continuity in is story as he was written out to have surgery after a beat down but then asked to do a run in on the next show. Angle denies the altercation, but many sites claim to have sources who were there when it happened, which could help lead to his defection to the WWE later this year.