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WWE rumors: The Undertaker's career might finally be over with

Undertaker, WWE
Undertaker, WWE
Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Every year, the biggest build leading into the WWE “Wrestlemania” event surrounds The Undertaker and who the next person to challenge The Streak would be. However, at “Wrestlemania 30,” The Undertaker’s streak ended when Brock Lesnar beat the Dead Man. With The Streak over with, there is talk that Undertaker’s career has ended and WrestleZone reported on Saturday that Undertaker has confided in friends that it does not look like he will be back for “Wrestlemania 31.”

The biggest problem comes in the mounting injuries that Undertaker has suffered over the years. He beat Shawn Michaels in back-to-back “Wrestlemania” matches, retiring Shawn in the second one. He beat Triple H in back-to-back “Wrestlemania” matches. After those final two matches, Undertaker was beaten up and injured. After losing the streak to Brock Lesnar at “Wrestlemania 30,” Undertaker suffered a severe concussion.

Undertaker lives down in Texas and has a large workout room and a full sized wrestling ring in his home. He usually works out constantly there, and has been working out over the past couple of months since recovering from his concussion. However, despite working hard, Undertaker reportedly feels that it is not looking good when it comes to him returning at “Wrestlemania 31.”

The biggest WWE rumors heading into “Wrestlemania 30” was that Undertaker would fight Brock Lesnar this year and then finish his career with a match against WWE legend Sting at “Wrestlemania 31.” Sting has been in serious talks with the WWE but has not signed a deal yet. According to reports, Sting said he is not interested in wrestling anyone but Undertaker if he signs with the WWE. Outside of an authority type role and a WWE Hall of Fame induction, there is little to get Sting to sign.

The fact that Sting has not signed his contract yet is telling. If Undertaker is seriously considering his career ended following his loss at “Wrestlemania 30,” there is no one left for Sting to fight. The news on Undertaker’s future has not been officially announced yet, and the WWE usually lets him take all the time he needs to decide on if he will return or not. Don’t expect an official word until January 2015 at the earliest.