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WWE rumors: The Shield to reunite as soon as next year

According to a July 4 report from Cageside Seats, the WWE believes so much in The Shield that the promotion's higher-ups are already thinking about reuniting the tag-team supergroup as soon as next year. The Shield was easily the most popular tag-team in the WWE, before Seth Rollins broke up the group by smashing Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with a steel chair. Rollins' shocking heel turn effectively ended The Shield's 18-month reign of terror on the rest of the WWE tag-team division.

WWE tag-team, The Shield, may reunite next year
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There was initially some speculation that The Shield would go on as a tag-team duo, with Reigns and Ambrose sticking together. That rumor quickly died, as Reigns recruited John Cena to team with The Shield the night after Rollins made his heel turn. Cena's allegiance to The Shield was just a one-night gig, as Reigns and Ambrose needed his help to defeat The Wyatt Family during an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Cena is incredibly popular as a singles star, so the WWE didn't want to waste his talent by sticking him in the middle of a tag-team. The WWE quickly decided it would be best to push Reigns and Ambrose as singles stars, rather than keeping them together in The Shield. Rollins also went his separate way, making his pitch as one of the top heels in the WWE. Reigns and Ambrose are currently making their way up the main card ladder as babyfaces.

Will The Shield get back together next year? It's really too early to tell. In all likelihood, it will depend on how successful Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins become as singles players. If Rollins is able to hold his own as a high-level heel, the WWE would be less likely to bring him back as part of The Shield. The current rivalry between Rollins and Ambrose is also hotter than ever, as WWE Universe is absolutely buying into the feud.

There's a good chance the WWE will book Ambrose to battle Rollins in a singles match on an upcoming pay-per-view card, before there's any chance of The Shield getting back together. The WWE will also likely give Reigns and Ambrose some time to develop as singles stars before placing them back in a tag-team situation. The Shield will definitely get back together someday, just as Evolution and D-Generation X reformed after some time.

At present time, it's just too early to tell when the reformation of The Shield will come. Another interesting scenario has The Shield's former members -- Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins -- remain singles stars, but have them get back together every now and then. That's probably the best idea, as it keeps the idea of The Shield a special one. If The Shield only compete together once every few years, it would make it a true must-see event every time they perform together.

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