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WWE rumors: The Shield breakup will turn Roman Reigns face

WWE still planning The Shield breakup
WWE still planning The Shield breakup

The WWE still plans on breaking The Shield up, despite the current direction where the team seems to have finally put their differences behind them. According to PWS on March 22, the reason The Shield breakup did not happen before "Wrestlemania 30" was because The New Age Outlaws wanted to work a program with them.

The New Age Outlaws have looked pretty strong since returning to the WWE as a tag team, with a decent tag team title rein and some solid mic work as well. As friends of Triple H, some believe that their recent push was because of favoritism behind the scenes.

That would explain why The Shield breakup was nixed for now, if Road Dogg and Billy Gunn requested a chance to work with them. Right now, "Wrestlemania 30" appears to include a six-man match with The Shield taking on Kane and The New Age Outlaws.

This was set up on "WWE Smackdown" when The New Age Outlaws attacked and laid out The Shield in an effort to help Kane.

Despite this, the WWE is still planning The Shield breakup that was rumored recently. The idea is for Roman Reigns to turn face while Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins remain together as a heel tag team to feud with him. After that, the WWE plans on Reigns to be one of their Top 5 pushed wrestlers for the next year.