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WWE rumors: The reason that Vince McMahon wants CM Punk back

WWE rumors: Why WWE wants CM Punk back
WWE rumors: Why WWE wants CM Punk back

When CM Punk left the WWE, and walked out on the company right as the Road to Wrestlemania was beginning, there were a lot of rumors about what would happen next. According to PWS on Feb. 8, the WWE rumors that Vince McMahon wants CM Punk back are true and its because he personally likes Punk.

The biggest problem here is that CM Punk walking out was a direct slap in the face of McMahon's own son-in-law Triple H. One of the big WWE rumors for CM Punk walking out on the company was because he didn't want to wrestle Triple H at "Wrestlemania 30," a match that he allegedly considered to be beneath his level in the company.

Off the top, that is ridiculous. Last year, CM Punk was in one of the biggest matches at Wrestlemania when he fought The Undertaker and Triple H fought Undertaker the two years before that at Wrestlemania.

This year, the big story has been Triple H and Stephanie McMahon making life hell on all the popular wrestlers and it was clear someone needed to step up to fight the boss at "Wrestlemania 30." It was the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon storyline for the new generation, and that was the biggest feud of the Attitude Era no matter who the champion was.

With CM Punk's promo skills, he could have made the feud with Triple H just as important top today's fans. But he wanted a bigger match and he also said that Daniel Bryan was the man who should have been pushed over the returning Batista. Those problems, plus injuries and burnout, caused him to walk out.

The WWE rumors now indicate that the company wanted to keep the entire situation on the down low and McMahon hoped it would blow over because he likes CM Punk and knows that Punk is a top selling star. It is said the WWE is "furious" that TMZ got the news and they are still hoping things settle down and CM Punk returns to the WWE soon.

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