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WWE rumors: The reason Roddy Piper was not in WWE 2K14

WWE rumors: Roddy Piper and WWE had a falling out
WWE rumors: Roddy Piper and WWE had a falling out

When the WWE released their recent video game WWE 2K14, it included the "Road to Wrestlemania" feature, where players went through the history of Wrestlemania. Strangely, the main event match from the first show was ignored and Rowdy Roddy Piper was not even in the game mode at all. According to on Jan. 14, that was because Piper and WWE officials had a falling out last year.

While some people speculated that it was because Piper went off script and angered officials backstage in his last appearance on "WWE Monday Night Raw" last year, much like what recently happened to "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, that was not the case.

Instead, the arguments were because of an agreement the WWE wanted the cast of their upcoming reality show "WWE Legend's House" to sign. The show was filmed a long time ago, but will finally see its release on the new WWE Network.

In the agreement, the WWE required that all the legends taking part had to sign an agreement not to do any other wrestling or MMA shows before Legends House debuted and for a specific number of days after it aired. Since there was not timeline for when the show would ever air, the talent could not appear for any wrestling or MMA show for an undetermined amount of time.

Rowdy Roddy Piper refused to sign the agreement with the WWE. His son is an MMA fighter and he said that he refused to put his son's career in jeopardy because he wants to use his name and likeness in any way that will help his son. The WWE was angered at the refusal and Piper was shut out for a time, including being eliminated from WWE 2K14.

It appears that Roddy Piper and the WWE have resolved their issues over the last six or seven weeks, which is why he appeared on "WWE Monday Night Raw" for the old school episode. It appears another reason the WWE resolved things with Piper is because they want him to be part of "Wrestlemania 30."

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