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WWE rumors: Sting still hasn't signed his WWE contract yet

WWE news: Sting not yet signed with WWE
WWE news: Sting not yet signed with WWE

Sting and the WWE still haven't signed the contracts to bring the biggest wrestler in WCW history to the WWE for the first time. According to Feb. 13, the reason the contract has not been signed yet is because of the WWE and not Sting.

There are apparently still people within the WWE who inexplicably feel that signing Sting is not a priority, despite the fact that he alone could help push the WWE Network onto fans of WCW who might have quit watching wrestling since the company closed its doors. The idea that Sting coming to the WWE is not a huge deal seems short sighted at best and arrogant at worse.

Sting really hoped to sign with the WWE in time to start immediately and work on a program with The Undertaker so the two could actually wrestle this year at "Wrestlemania 30." While that is a nice idea, the fact that Wrestlemania is less than two months away means that isn't the best idea.

Sting vs. The Undertaker could be the biggest Undertaker match in Wrestlemania history. It may not be as great, based on in-ring action, as Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, but the story behind Undertaker vs. Sting trumps all other matches. The only way to see that is to show respect for the WCW vs. WWE Monday Night War, which one would think the WWE would do with the WWE Network actually having a show based on it.

The idea is still for Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at "Wrestlemania 30," although some are worried that Lesnar wouldn't take it serious enough to work in advance with Undertaker on planning out the match, where Sting has already made it clear he has no problem with working out the match with Undertaker in the month leading up to the event.

Regardless, it is looking like Sting won't sign with the WWE in time for "Wrestlemania 30" and will hopefully be there in time to work a year before finally facing The Undertaker at "Wrestlemania 31" in San Francisco next year.

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