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WWE rumors: Sting signs with WWE according to Ring of Honor founder

WWE rumors: Sting signs with WWE
WWE rumors: Sting signs with WWE

A rumor broke last week that Sting had signed with the WWE, but it was only one website reporting it and it was the only article on that site. However, Rob Feinstein of RFVideo posted on his Facebook page on Aug. 28 that Sting has in fact signed with the WWE.

Unlike the original source, Rob Feinstein is a major name in professional wrestling, one of the original founders of Ring of Honor Wrestling in 2002. Of course, Feinstein was also part of a major controversy in 2004 that forced him to resign from Ring of Honor and sell his shares, which eventually went to Cary Silkin.

Despite this, Feinstein has a lot of contacts in the world of professional wrestling thanks to his RFVideo company, which produces "shoot" videos of wrestlers, both past and present, talking about the behind-the-scenes stories from wrestling.

This signing is actually not much of a surprise. Sting's contract with TNA Impact Wrestling just ended, and much like Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles before him, he has apparently chosen not to take a major pay cut to remain with the struggling company.

Sting, who was the biggest star in WCW history, is one of the only modern day wrestling legends from WCW who has never wrestled in the WWE. There is no telling when the WWE will bring Sting back, but don't expect a WWE Hall of Fame induction this year since Ultimate Warrior is the main attraction this year and Sting would take away from him.

Also, don't expect Sting to show up at wrestle at "Wrestlemania 30" this year. The best bet would be for him to return like Brock Lesnar did and maybe challenge Undertaker to a match for "Wrestlemania 31." Sting is a California raised wrestler and next year's big event takes place in San Francisco, so that could be a huge draw if set up a year in advance.

Also, expect Sting to lead the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame class if that is the fact.

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