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WWE rumors: Sting rumored to appear at 'Raw' in first WWE appearance

WWE rumors: Sting video rumored for Wrestlemania 30
WWE rumors: Sting video rumored for Wrestlemania 30

There has been a lot of rumors that Sting will make his long awaited debut in the WWE this week. According to on April 5, the first Sting WWE appearance might come at "WWE Monday Night Raw" on the night after "Wrestlemania 30."

Originally, there was talk about airing a Sting promo video during "Wrestlemania30" and that would be the promotion that Sting was arriving in the WWE on Monday night. Whether that will still happen or not is unknown.

Sting has made it clear that there is only one match left that he wants to wrestle in his career and that is against The Undertaker. If that happens, expect it to occur at "Wrestlemania 31" in San Francisco in 2015.

During the 90s, Sting was the undeniable face of the WCW while The Undertaker is the greatest legend in the WWE who remains from that era. Despite being the biggest star in WCW history, he is also the biggest name to never step foot into a WWE ring over his career.

Sting has spent most of the last decade, since WCW closed its doors, wrestling for TNA Impact Wrestling. The WWE rumors indicate that, if he does show up in the WWE, he will only wrestle one match for the company.

If the WWE rumors do come to fruition at "Wrestlemania 30," there is a chance a Sting video will play after The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match to signify what his plans are.

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