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WWE rumors: Sting possibly signing to wrestle just one match for WWE

WWE rumors: Sting arriving soon
WWE rumors: Sting arriving soon

The WWE rumors that Sting is finally singing with the company, the biggest star who has never crossed the line, seems to be nearing fruition. According to PWS on March 27, the latest WWE rumors indicate that Sting will sign with the WWE but only wrestle one match for the company.

Whether Sting has signed his WWE contract or not is still unknown, but the expectations is that the only match he will wrestle for the WWE is against The Undertaker at "Wrestlemania 31" in 2015.

Sting spent his entire career in the NWA, WCW and TNA Impact Wrestling. When the WWE purchased WCW, Sting was one of the high priced contracts that the WWE chose not to pick up. Unlike fellow WCW wrestlers like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Goldberg, Sting chose not to go to the WWE when his WCW contract expired.

Instead, Sting went to TNA Impact Wrestling where he won their world title five times, to add to his seven in the NWA and WCW. Now, 13 years after the WWE purchased WCW, that company's biggest star is headed to the WWE.

There are some WWE rumors that indicate that Sting will either make his debut at "Wrestlemania 30" or then next night on "WWE Monday Night Raw." If Sting is only coming in at this time to make the challenge, it will likely happen at "Raw" so as not to take the spotlight off of Brock Lesnar.