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WWE rumors: Sting heading to WWE to possibly be a general manager

WWE to use Sting as general manager
WWE to use Sting as general manager

The WWE and Sting are close to agreeing on a deal to bring the long-time WCW and TNA superstar to the WWE for the first time in his career. While he is not expected to wrestle at "Wrestlemania 30," Bleacher Report reported on Feb. 1 that the WWE might consider introducing him as the new general manager.

The idea is for Sting to wrestle in the WWE and possibly play a large role at "Wrestlemania 31." There is a chance that the WWE will hold Sting out until after this year's Wrestlemania event, but if they do bring him in, this could be a way to introduce him to the WWE Universe.

Of course, most older WWE fans know exactly who Sting is. It is the kids who don't pay attention to TNA who might have no idea who Sting is.

Sting is not unfamiliar with the role of a general manager, as Sting won the role of the general manager of TNA Impact Wrestling from a then evil Hulk Hogan. While he was not always the best general manager of all time, that was more because of TNA writing and less because of Sting's performance.

The WWE writing is almost always better than that of TNA Impact Wrestling, so there is hope that Sting as the general manager, especially if he is in suit and sunglasses, could work great and make the fan's excitement when he finally dons the face paint and takes the ring even greater.