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WWE rumors: Sting expected to sign with WWE for 'Wrestlemania 30'

WWE rumors: Is Sting coming?
WWE rumors: Is Sting coming?

Sting is the biggest star who has never signed with the WWE, but that my be coming to an end. According to on Jan. 23, WWE officials believe they will sign Sting to return for this year's "Wrestlemania 30" event.

Of course, the WWE can't really negotiate with Sting while he is under contract to TNA Impact Wrestling. However, there is a chance that Sting could be positioning himself to leave the company very soon.

Sting worked two house shows for TNA Impact Wrestling last week and the rumors indicate that the reason he did so was because he had two house show appearances left on his contract and wanted to give TNA everything he owed them as his contract comes to an end.

While some thought Sting would be re-signing with TNA Impact Wrestling, it sounds like he may be heading in the same direction as Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles and that is leaving the company rather than taking a major pay cut. Plus, with TNA Impact Wrestling seeming to be focusing on younger talent, that leaves men like Sting on the outside looking in.

Also, tonight on "TNA Impact Wrestling" on Spike TV, Sting will wrestle Magnus in a match where his contract is on the line, and that might be the company's way of writing him out. As far as the WWE is concerned, it sounds like Sting may be signing with the company within the next few months.