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WWE rumors: Sheamus and Sin Cara come to blows backstage

According to a June 26 report from Fansided, WWE superstars Sheamus and Sin Cara got into a heated scuffle backstage following a recent WWE house show. By all accounts, the 36-year-old Sheamus jokingly told Sin Cara to get off a stretching mat so that he could use it instead.

WWE superstars Sheamus and Sin Cara got into a backstage scuffle
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Sin Cara took the comment seriously, and he allegedly stood up to Sheamus by telling him that he wasn't going to get off the mat. Sheamus apparently responded by throwing a punch at Sin Cara, and the masked man shot back with a crisp single-leg takedown that resulted in the Irish star landing on his back. Once Sin Cara was in top position, he reigned down a few punches on Sheamus' face before the men were broken up by security.

Is that how the events actually transpired? No one really knows for sure except those who were in the room at the time. Sheamus quickly took to Twitter after word got out about the scuffle, doing his best to make light of the incident. The WWE hasn't made any official comment on it, and neither has Sin Cara.

There are two sides to every story, and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. In all likelihood, Sheamus was trying to joke around with Sin Cara, and something was lost in translation. Sin Cara probably took Sheamus' comments seriously, when no actual harm was meant by it.

However, the WWE must be taking the backstage fight seriously because they haven't yet turned the real-life incident into a scripted storyline. If Sheamus and Sin Cara really have decided to squash the beef and let bygones be bygones in real life, perhaps the WWE would have scripted them to battle each other inside the ring by now.

It appears that some tension still lingers between the two men, because they haven't been spotted working together at any WWE house shows. Let's face it: Sheamus and Sin Cara are both wasting away in mid-card obscurity. Both men could use a little push to elevate to the main event of pay-per-view cards, so they would be smart to use this incident to their advantage.

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