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WWE rumors: Seth Rollins possibly injured during ‘Raw’ main event

Seth Rollins possibly injured during ‘Raw’ main event
Seth Rollins possibly injured during ‘Raw’ main event
Photo from WWE Twitter

In some discouraging WWE rumors, Seth Rollins might have injured his knee at the end of the main event on “WWE Monday Night Raw.” According to Renegade Cinema on Monday, the injury happened after Roman Reigns clotheslined Rollins over the top rope and the cameras never showed Rollins for the rest of the match. The scary thing about it was that the referee threw up his arms in an “X” which indicates there was an injury and a trainer was seen in the background running to where Rollins fell.

If these WWE rumors are true, this could be horrible news because Seth Rollins was just starting to come into his own in the main event scene. When the WWE was first starting to consider breaking up The Shield, there were thoughts that Rollins would be the hardest one to put over. With Roman Reigns the natural star and Dean Ambrose the most colorful character, Rollins had an uphill battle. Once he aligned himself with The Authority, his character blossomed.

Since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, Rollins has really turned into a perfect cocky heel. He has also been involved in one of the biggest storylines in the WWE as he has been chasing John Cena for a cash in of the briefcase while former partner Dean Ambrose has been hot on his tail, stopping him every step of the way. An injury now could seriously derail his push, as he has a big match this Sunday at “Battleground” against Ambrose.

There is no telling how bad that Seth Rollins is injured. WWE rumors and reports from the arena indicate that after he fell and hit his knee, he stayed on the ground holding his knee. Medical staff members treated the injury while the match continued in the ring and Jerry Lawler mentioned on commentary that Rollins could have dislocated the knee. The WWE should release more information after Rollins gets examined.