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WWE rumors: Scott Hall hints that he is headed to 2014 WWE Hall of Fame

WWE: Scott Hall headed to WWE Hall of Fame
WWE: Scott Hall headed to WWE Hall of Fame

There has been a lot of speculation that there would be another big name to enter the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame alongside Jake "The Snake" Roberts and The Ultimate Warrior. If a Twitter message on Feb. 14 is any indication, that name is Scott Hall.

It was Scott Hall himself who tweeted the information, saying that he, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Amy "Lita" Dumas and The Ultimate Warriot were "all verified at the same time."

While it did not come from the WWE, obviously Hall knows something and with him cleaning up his act the same way that Roberts did, it makes sense to give him the same kind of reward. Diamond Dallas Page has helped both Hall and Roberts clean up from their alcohol and drug addictions and has worked on getting them back in shape with his DDP Yoga system.

Hall was one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling in the '90s. He started in the AWA in the '80s as Big Scott Hall, the tag team partner of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig. He then signed with the WWE and changed his gimmick into a "Scarface" styled character known as Razor Ramon.

After his WWE success, which included an Intercontinental title reign and the first modern day ladder match with Shawn Michaels, he left with Kevin Nash for WCW. Together they formed the nWo and helped lead WCW to beating the WWE in the ratings while kicking off the Monday Night War.

Scott Hall's career ended when he couldn't kick his alcohol addictions but since Diamond Dallas Page called and helped him clean up, he has been working on getting his life back together. The WWE Hall of Fame would be a perfect, and well deserved, reward.

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