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WWE rumors: Roman Reigns fast push thanks to injuries

WWE rumors: Roman Reigns fast push thanks to injuries
WWE rumors: Roman Reigns fast push thanks to injuries
Photo from WWE Twitter

The original WWE rumors indicated that Roman Reigns would be built up until the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view and then win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at “Wrestlemania 31.” Fans have seen Reigns push accelerated tremendously over the past few weeks. According to 411mania on Thursday, the reason for Reigns’ massive push is because of Daniel Bryan’s injury.

According to WWE rumors, Bryan was supposed to carry the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until “Summerslam.” He was then rumored to drop the title to Brock Lesnar at that event and Lesnar would carry the title through to “Wrestlemania 31,” where he would lose it to Roman Reigns. Thanks to Bryan’s neck surgery, those plans were changed up.

The minute that Bryan was ruled out long-term, the WWE immediately chose to put the title on John Cena. Promotional advertising has Cena vs. Lesnar on the poster for “Summerslam,” so it looks like the plans have stayed the same, except with Cena in Bryan’s place. However, it also appears that Bryan being out of action meant the WWE needed another major face star for the main event scene.

That meant that Roman Reigns push had to be pushed up. Originally, the WWE planned a slow burn push for Reigns, moving him up slowly but surely until the fans were almost demanding he win the “Royal Rumble.” Since the WWE needed him as the star now, his feud with Triple H and Randy Orton has been amplified.

Roman Reigns is rumored to fight Randy Orton at “Summerslam.” Reigns will then likely get a match with Triple H at “Night of Champions,” which is one of the selling points to get people to re-subscribe to the WWE Network once their original six month subscription expires. These matches were already supposed to happen, but the Daniel Bryan injury pushed Roman Reigns into the spotlight much sooner than expected.