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WWE rumors: Rob Van Dam WWE return coming after 'Wrestlemania 30'

WWE rumors: Rob Van Dam WWE return
WWE rumors: Rob Van Dam WWE return

In recent interviews, Rob Van Dam has said that he is making his return to the WWE sooner rather than later. According to PWS on March 27, the Rob Van Dam WWE return will come on the night after "Wrestlemania 30" according to recent WWE rumors.

With this year's Wrestlemania already a full card, the decision was made to hold off on Rob Van Dam's return until after the big event. The only match that he could have fit into was the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal.

Van Dam showed up at a "WWE Monday Night Raw" event last month, which brought about a lot of speculation and WWE rumors. However, after a short meeting with Triple H, Rob Van Dam left the arena. It was suggested that the two were just meeting up to discuss when and where the best place for the Rob Van Dan WWE return should be.

Last time Van Dam was in the WWE was last year at the "WWE Money in the Bank" pay-per-view, where he took part in the MITB match. He remained with the company until the "Battleground" pay-per-view in October.

The final match for Rob Van Dam before leaving the WWE at that time was a world title match against Alberto Del Rio, that Van Dam lost by submission. Van Dam's current WWE deal is to wrestle for several months and then take time off to recover, which is expected to repeat this time around as well.