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WWE rumors: Ric Flair return to see him teamed with The Miz

WWE: Ric Flair return news
WWE: Ric Flair return news
Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images

It was announced last week that “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is returning to the WWE. It was also announced that he wanted to work with Dolph Ziggler. Unfortunately, PWS reported on Saturday that the WWE shot down the idea of Flair working with Ziggler.

The WWE rumors of Flair wanting to work with Ziggler are a couple of years old. Last year, Flair returned for a short time and passed on his figure four leg lock to The Miz. This kicked off a short lived storyline where The Miz was being pushed as the “next Ric Flair.” However, that storyline was originally meant to be for Dolph Ziggler, with Flair becoming his manager.

The angle with The Miz was ended quietly, although Miz kept the figure four leg lock as a finishing move. Then, after “Summerslam” last year, Flair was supposed to return to work with The Miz once again. However, that Ric Flair return ended quickly when Flair showed up at the Summerslam Axxess panel drunk, an event that not only ended his tenure with the WWE but also resulted in Jim Ross getting fired as well.

Now that Flair is preparing to return again, he wanted to move on from The Miz to Dolph Ziggler, but the WWE didn’t like the idea. They still feel that Flair is better utilized helping push The Miz back into the main event scene once again. It seems like they just don’t want to push Ziggler at all, despite him at one time being one of their most popular wrestlers.

The Ric Flair return should come very soon. Word is that he will undergo some medical testing in Pittsburgh, and if he passes those, they will bring him back as a regular television character. At this time, it appears that when Flair comes back to the WWE, it will be as The Miz’s manager once again.