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WWE rumors: Ric Flair return possibly coming to TV this week

Ric Flair WWE return possibly coming to TV this week
Ric Flair WWE return possibly coming to TV this week
Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images

The news that the WWE has invited “Nature Boy” Ric Flair back has been circulating for a couple of weeks now. Even Jim Ross has commented on it during recent interviews. PWS reported on Monday that the Ric Flair return might happen as soon as this week.

The entire thought behind the Ric Flair return is that he needed to clear a doctor’s physical first. The WWE has been leery about legends returning to the road full time after the Jerry Lawler heart attack last year. As a result, Flair will have to clear through his medical tests before he returns.

Flair was in Alabama shooting a television commercial over the weekend and a local news station did a story about his visit to the area. That is when they learned that Ric Flair will be at the “WWE Smackdown” television taping on Tuesday night in Atlanta, which is where he is living right now. There is a chance that this won’t be an on-air role, but with Flair there, anything could happen.

It should also be noted that Scott Hall said that he will also be at the “WWE Smackdown” taping this week. That led to a lot of speculation that Hall might be on television, but it appears that Hall is just there to record some stuff for the WWE, possibly to use on WWE Network shows or DVD releases. That also might be the case for Flair.

However, the difference here is that the Flair return is coming, if he passes his medical tests. That means he could be back any time, including this week when the WWE is in his hometown. He could also be showing up to go over contract details. At the moment, the Ric Flair return will see the Nature Boy coming back in the role as a manager. It looks like he will serve as The Miz’s manager, similar to his proposed role last year.