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WWE rumors: Officials upset at Mick Foley after public criticism

WWE angry at Mick Foley for comments
WWE angry at Mick Foley for comments
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

Mick Foley has never been a person to hold his tongue. This is one of the reasons he is always falling out with the WWE. He has recently made a number of comments that angered WWE officials and PWS reported on Thursday it goes back to his criticism of their booking of Daniel Bryan.

Mick Foley was open and critical in what looked like the complete burial of Daniel Bryan. From months of having the rug pulled out from under him to the signing of Batista with the promise of a main event WWE world title shot at “Wrestlemania 30,” Foley was openly critical.

Mick Foley even took it to the extreme with TMZ involved. After Foley posted that he would destroy his TV if Bryan was screwed over again, TMZ contacted him. When the obvious happened, TMZ brought cameras to his house and filmed him destroying his television. The WWE were not happy with Foley’s outspoken criticism.

Things got worse over the last week. The WWE offered Mick Foley one of their famous legend’s contracts. Foley rejected the offer. If that was all that happened, the WWE might have just blown it off, but Foley took it back to the public arena again.

Mick Foley went to his Facebook page and said that he would not sign the deal for one very specific reason. The WWE uses the legend’s deal to use their former talent’s names and likeness for video games and action figures. He then pointed out that the WWE has low balled talent on he WWE 2K14 video game.

Foley said that the reason that the WWE underpaid the legends for the last game was because the company who made their game was going bankrupt. He said the next game didn’t have that reason but they offered a low amount as well, and Foley feels they are just trying to see if they can offer less and get away with it.

While Foley said that some legends take anything because it is better than nothing, he is not in that position. Mick Foley, thanks to his books and comedy shows, doesn’t need the WWE money as much as others. He said unless the WWE gives a good reason they are offering so little, he is not signing his legend’s contract.

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