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WWE rumors: Officials believe Daniel Bryan is cooling down

WWE rumors: Officials believe Daniel Bryan is cooling down
WWE rumors: Officials believe Daniel Bryan is cooling down
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

For most of the last year, fans have been screaming for Daniel Bryan to finally get a push as the WWE champion. Now that he has the title, WWE officials believe the crowds might be tired of Bryan already. PWS reported on Sunday that some WWE officials feel that Daniel Bryan has already “plateaued” and fans care more about the “Yes” chant than about Bryan himself.

One interesting thing to note is that Bryan has not even held the title through a pay-per-event yet. Plus there is the fact that since “Wrestlemania 30,” he has gotten married and went on his honeymoon. Then his dad died and he took off for that, with only a Kane beat down occurring. There is no way the WWE can judge whether or not Bryan has lost his heat until he gets a chance appear regularly.

The reports also say that Daniel Bryan has no ego backstage. This is also supposed to be harmful because he doesn’t speak up to defend himself to creative. Where a bad ego is just as bad in some cases, in the WWE an ego has helped names like Shawn Michaels and CM Punk remain on top.

At “Wrestlemania 30,” Daniel Bryan beat Triple H in a singles match. He then won a triple threat, despite Triple H trying to interfere, by making Batista tap out. Now, it sounds like Batista is leaving the WWE for his “Guardians of the Galaxy” promotion early because the WWE wanted him to lose to Bryan again at “WWE Payback.” It sounds like Bryan is ruining a lot of the WWE plans because he has become so popular.

Now, Daniel Bryan fans need to be louder than ever, and not just by chanting “Yes.” Bryan’s fans need to let the WWE know they want him to remain on top, or the WWE might make his title reign short and unmemorable. It all starts at the “WWE Extreme Rules” special event tonight on the WWE Network. A tame fan response might end the Daniel Bryan WWE world title reign sooner than expected.