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WWE rumors: NXT Wrestling television taping schedules may change

NXT Wrestling television taping schedules may change
NXT Wrestling television taping schedules may change
WWE / Twitter

At the moment, NXT Wrestling tapes four week’s worth of television shows at once. This means that spoilers for the shows are out there a month in advance and it also means that keeping current with WWE storylines is almost impossible. According to PWS on Saturday, the WWE is considering changing the rate of NXT television tapings to only two weeks at a time.

This could be huge, because that would allow the WWE to keep the NXT shows current with what is happening with the WWE. An example of this is when Paige won the WWE Divas title. JBL, the commissioner of NXT Wrestling, stripped her of the title and they had to tape that and add it to the already completed WWE NXT show on the WWE Network. With only two weeks of tapings, the WWE can avoid these problems.

The popularity of WWE NXT Wrestling is growing a lot lately and the developmental territory will air their second live show on the WWE Network, “NXT Takeover” later this month. There have also been a lot of NXT wrestlers getting called up including Paige, former NXT Champion Bo Dallas and Adam Rose. Rose will debut this next week on “WWE Monday Night Raw.”

It is also interesting that this news comes on the heels of some major WWE NXT releases. At this time of the year, there is often WWE releases from the main roster, but all that is coming now is NXT releases. Released in the last week was former Mason Ryan, Shaul Guerrero, Oliver Grey and Danny Burch. Ryan was a WWE star for a short time, Guerrero is the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, and Oliver Grey was a former tag team champion with Adrian Neville.

WWE NXT Wrestling airs every Thursday night on the WWE Network. It originally airs at 9 p.m. EST and is immediately available in the catalog after the first airing. The “NXT Takeover” will be a special two-hour episode.