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WWE rumors: NXT stars heading to the main rosters

WWE: NXT wrestlers coming up soon
WWE: NXT wrestlers coming up soon

"WWE Monday Night Raw" saw promos for two NXT stars who are heading to the WWE soon, as well as the debuts of Alexander Rusev and Paige in actual matches. According to PWS on April 8. there are more NXT stars heading to the WWE over the next few months.

The two debuts last night were hit and miss. Alexander Rusev came out and squashed Zack Ryder to little response. When Paige came out to congratulate AJ Lee on her title reign, the fans went crazy for her. When AJ Lee forced her to fight, put her title up and then Paige became the new Divas Champion, the crowd went wild.

There were also two promos on "WWE Monday Night Raw."

The first was for Bo Dallas. The younger brother of Bray Wyatt actually debuted last year at the "Royal Rumble" and eliminated Wade Barrett. However, the fans couldn't stand the pretty boy face and booed him. He went back to NXT and beat Big E for the NXT title, holding it longer than anyone else.

Now that Bo Dallas is a completely formed character, a pretty boy who the fans hate but pretends to be the face, he should finally be ready for the big time.

The second promo was for Adam Rose. He was a huge hit at NXT and the fans love him there, but his gimmick has the chance of failing like Fandango's did when he debuted. He seems a better fit with the smaller NXT than the larger WWE.

Two other names rumored to move from NXT to the WWE are tag team champions The Ascension. Viktor of The Ascension tweeted on April 7 that they will be in the WWE sooner rather than later.

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