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WWE rumors: New Xavier Woods faction possibly already dropped by WWE

WWE rumors: WWE possibly already dropping new Xavier Woods faction
WWE rumors: WWE possibly already dropping new Xavier Woods faction
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It was just a few short weeks ago that Xavier Woods came to the ring on “WWE Monday Night Raw” and talked to Big E and Kofi Kingston about standing up for themselves and a faction was born. There was no name for the faction, but they did show up the next week to watch the tag team champions The Usos, looking like Big E and Kofi Kingston might be getting a tag team title shot with Xavier Woods as their mouthpiece. Now, reported on Sunday that the faction might be dead.

The problem with the new faction is that comparisons immediately started between this new unnamed faction and the Nation of Domination. The Nation was a group that played off the racial tensions following the Rodney King and OJ Simpson events and was a huge faction in WWE history. The new faction has no such history to play off of and unless the WWE ignored the racial tones and just focused on wrestlers who were pushed aside, it was bound to flounder. Now, it might be over with before it started.

The first thought that the faction was going to fizzle out came when they missed the past few WWE shows together as a group. It would seem that a faction like this would need to get pushed hard early for it to pick up steam. To just fade away after three television shows did not bode well. Also, on house shows, Big E wrestled as a solo face on “Smackdown” last week and Kofi Kingston is still wrestling as a face. Finally, Xavier Woods is still wrestling with his old gimmick, although he is testing a new edge.

With that said, it looks like the new faction might have already been dumped by creative. Over the last year, the WWE creative team has stalled and dumped a number of new ideas and this might be the most recent. The word backstage is that there are few ideas on how to move this idea forward and create a legitimate group out of it. If that is the case, then the new Xavier Woods faction was just another failed WWE attempt at launching something new.