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WWE rumors: New stable possibly forming with ‘disgruntled’ wrestlers

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Last month there was word that The Miz and Dolph Ziggler would be forming a new tag team based on the fact that they are two disgruntled workers who felt they were not getting the push they deserved. According to on March 15, Zack Ryder might also be part of those plans.

That could be big news because, out of all the superstars in the WWE, Zack Ryder is the most outspoken of them all when it comes to his push. It all started on his extremely popular “Long Island” YouTube show. The WWE ended up convincing him to let them produce the show and it eventually died. Now, Ryder is back with a new YouTube show where he said he is going to take his last shot at main eventing in the WWE.

The Miz started the angle when he began to come to the announcer’s table and complaining about his lack of screen time during other people’s matches. Then Ziggler continued the angle with some shoot styled promos on the post-shows of “WWE Monday Night Raw” and “WWE SmackDown.”

Adding Zack Ryder would make plenty of sense. However, there is the fear that this could turn into another “J.O.B. Squad,” a faction from ECW of wrestlers who felt they were not getting pushed right, but were basically cannon fodder to bigger stars. For this to work, the trio would need to start winning and use this to push their way back to relevancy.