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WWE rumors: New Randy Savage DVD a hint at WWE Hall of Fame fate

The 2015 WWE Hall of Fame is still nine months away, but the WWE rumors on who is getting in next year are heating up. The biggest rumor is that this is the year that “Macho Man” Randy Savage finally gets into the WWE Hall of Fame. The one thing standing in the way has been his brother Lanny Poffo and PWS reported on Sunday that those problems might be settled down.

Randy Savage, Hall of Fame
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Randy Savage, WWE
Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Randy Savage and Vince McMahon parted company on horrible terms. There are many WWE rumors circulating about what happened, but the biggest one might still be an urban legend. However, with McMahon burying the hatchet with Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior over the last two years, it might be time to finally let Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame, where he belongs.

Savage died of a heart attack in 2011 at the age of 58 and fans have been rallying to get him inducted since that time. However, Lanny Poffo has made it clear that he wants himself and their dad Angelo Poffo inducted with Savage as a family. According to Poffo, that is what Savage wanted before he died. However, the WWE has balked. Savage was a huge star while Poffo was a jobber and Angelo Poffo had nothing to do with the WWE.

However, recent reports indicate that the WWE is working on a brand new Randy Savage DVD release and they are actually working with Poffo on the project. If Poffo and the WWE are working on this together, it is clear that they have cleared up some of their differences. If nothing, it is a good sign that Savage could be getting closer to getting into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Other names in the WWE rumors for Hall of Fame inductions in 2015 include “Diesel” Kevin Nash, The Rock, Rikishi and a Diva, with Mickey James as the leading candidate. There is also a chance Sting might get in since he is from California and is close to signing a deal to enter the WWE.

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