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WWE rumors: Memo sent out about Sting joining the WWE

WWE send out memo about Sting joining WWE
WWE send out memo about Sting joining WWE

There are a ton of rumors concerning Sting joining the WWE, and the word is that he has agreed to a deal but the contracts may not be signed and official yet. Despite this, Wrestle View reported on Feb. 2 that a memo from the WWE was sent to the merchandise department to start working on ideas for Sting merchandise.

Rumors have already started circulating that Sting won’t be returning as a wrestler at this time and won’t be plugged into the “Wrestlemania 30” PPV but could be set up for a big match at “Wrestlemania 31.”

The ideas circulating right now is that Sting could make his long awaited WWE debut as a general manager for “WWE Monday Night Raw,” similar to how the WWE at one time brought back names like Shawn Michaels and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Then, the WWE could work on introducing Sting to newer fans and helping integrate him into storylines.

The big idea, at least for fans, is to see this lead to the big “Wrestlemania” moment where Sting battles The Undertaker. In much the same way that Undertaker represents the honor of the WWE, Sting represents that for the legacy of WCW. His return could also be a good way to promote the WCW material on the WWE Network as well as the new “Monday Night War” show that will air on the WWE Network.

According to the new report, concepts for t-shirts using the phrase “A Man Called Sting” are being considered. The WWE owns that catch phrase from their original purchase of the WCW brand.