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WWE rumors: Kurt Angle TNA contract expiration date

Kurt Angle, TNA Impact Wrestling
Kurt Angle, TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo from WWE Twitter

The fact that the Kurt Angle TNA contract expires sometime late in 2014 is common knowledge. However, the exact date that the contract expired was only speculated at until Angle finally spoke out about it on the Jim Ross podcast show. According to 411mania on Wednesday, the Kurt Angle TNA contract expires on Sept. 21.

According to Angle, TNA Impact Wrestling has offered him an extension on his deal, but he said that he turned the offer down. Angle won’t wrestle again until October at the earliest thanks to his recent knee surgery, so his TNA Impact Wrestling in-ring career has likely ended.

However, with just over two months left on his deal there, the company is taking advantage of having him by making him the Authority Figure. TNA has recorded shows through the end of August, so they can possibly keep him on television through October based on their taping schedule.

After that, Angle gave a very strong hint at his future on the Jim Ross podcast. According to the former Olympic gold medal winner, his next wrestling contract will be the final one of his career before he retires. He has said on many occasions that he would like to finish his career in the WWE. That means this Kurt Angle contract expiration should lead to him making his return to the WWE.

However, Angle has to pass the WWE medical testing before he can be allowed to even consider signing with them to wrestle. With all the knee problems, that might be iffy. There is also the fact that a recent photograph allegedly traveled through the WWE with Angle passed out on a plane, and there might be a push to keep him from returning.

All that is known for now is that the Kurt Angle TNA contract expiration date is at the end of September and that he is not telling anyone who he plans to sign with at that time. The biggest odds are him making his long awaited return to the WWE to finish off his career where he started it. While his injuries make that questionable, it would provide the fitting conclusion to an amazing career.

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